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appearances and forms, the very spirit of life’s truth.

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"She promised me," I replied, with a smile, "that she would always look upon me as a brother and a friend. Were not those your words, Edmee, and do you think it is possible to make them good by mere money?"

appearances and forms, the very spirit of life’s truth.

She rose as if filled with new life, and, holding out her hand to me, said in a voice full of emotion:

appearances and forms, the very spirit of life’s truth.

"You are right, Bernard; yours is a noble heart, and I should never forgive myself if I doubted it for a moment."

appearances and forms, the very spirit of life’s truth.

I caught sight of a tear on the edge of her eye-lid, and I pressed her hand somewhat too roughly, no doubt, for she could not restrain a little cry, followed, however, by a charming smile. The chevalier clasped me to his breast, and the abbe rocked about in his chair and exclaimed repeatedly:

"How beautiful! How noble! How very beautiful! Ah," he added, "that is something that cannot be learnt from books," turning to the chevalier. "God writes his words and breathes forth his spirit upon the hearts of the young."

"You will see," said the chevalier, deeply moved, "that this Mauprat will yet build up the honour of the family again. And now, my dear Bernard, I will say no more about business. I know how I ought to act, and you cannot prevent me from taking such steps as I shall think fit to insure the rehabilitation of my name by yourself. The only true rehabilitation is guaranteed by your noble sentiments; but there is still another which I know you will not refuse to attempt--the way to this lies through your talents and intelligence. You will make the effort out of love for us, I hope. However, we need not talk of this at present. I respect your proud spirit, and I gladly renew my offers without conditions. And now, abbe, I shall be glad if you will accompany me to the town to see my lawyer. The carriage is waiting. As for you, children, you can have lunch together. Come, Bernard, offer your arm to your cousin, or rather, to your sister. You must acquire some courtesy of manner, since in her case it will be but the expression of your heart."

"That is true, uncle," I answered, taking hold of Edmee's arm somewhat roughly to lead her downstairs.

I could feel her trembling; but the pink had returned to her cheeks, and a smile of affection was playing about her lips.

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